2019 Printable Calendar


The benefits of using calendar do not end up counting. Especially as the speed of the world gradually increases, we try to fit the responsibilities that have to be handled in almost 3-4 days in 1 day.

Why not take a deep breath and take some help from a calendar instead of keeping everything in mind?

If this idea comes to you in a little bit of interest, it is a content that we hope to guide you in keeping your calendar.

It's time to start living with the calendar!


    If we go back and look when the first calendars were made, we may find that they have been using for more than 2.000 years. This means that keeping a calendar and be aware of the dates was a very historical need. Thousands and thousands of years ago, people were discovering the passes of time and seasons. And they began to use this time changings when they performed their survival activities such as planted, harvested or hunted. They started to realize the times while they are using primitive calendars for being able to follow the time flow and protect themselves from the dangers according to seasonal circumstances.

    Although the purpose itself is little bit changed, the Gregorian calendar that we use since around 1582, is giving the same feelings to us about the time changings. We, most of them, do not have any survival concerns about being always "awake" but there are much more things that too vital for us in our century now.

    We have works, we have appointments, we have invitations, we have kids, we have goals, we have social lives and we have self-motivation activities to feel better. We need to be "awake" to manage all of our responsibilities and even more. Maybe there is no vital results of not being a well-planned but we do want to achieve something to look further and build a good future. In short, as we are not able to manage all of our professional-individual-social life balance without using useful calendars to track them well.

    So, it is less how much we thank them!


    1. Plan your course work / practice time

    Practice Time

    A great tool for students, calendars are very effective for preparing for exams. Plan your daily work on the calendar and see the big picture easily. If you are not a student, you may have accumulated files, papers, documents that you must review. You can set how much time you spend each day on a calendar. Or, if you have started a new sporting activity, you can plan your calendar effectively for a gym or home exercise. When you print your new 2019 calendar, you'll have days to plan and you'll see when you start filling in your days, your goals will be completed comfortably than you think.

    1. Follow your due dates

    Your deadlines don't be your nightmare! Credit cards, invoices, membership fees, school installment, taxes ... You have to follow specific payment times for all of them. You should follow these days very carefully in order to avoid extra fees and interest due to delay. Automated payment orders may work, but not for all of this. So, what are you going to do? Download your 2019 calendar here and print without losing time. Enter all due dates on your calendar. Then all you have to do is browse through the events of the month and make a payment if you have to. It's that easy!

    1. Remember birthdays and anniversaries

    Your family, relatives, friends, of course, want to be remembered and searched on their birthdays. Your partner will not be happy to forget your anniversary or Valentine's Day. But you're right, all these dates, especially among all the work can sometimes be forgotten. There's no reason for you to feel bad or guilty. All you need is a calendar. Yeah, just that. Get a calendar edition without losing time, and mark your special days of your loved ones from the first month to your calendar. It will make them very happy to know they are remembered. Don't forget to mark your own birthday too, sometimes people can forget their own birthday too :)

    Now all you have to do is make celebration calls, send messages, book restaurants, or choose gifts. Now you're a hero!

    1. Don't be crushed by your overwhelming responsibilities!

    Life can sometimes be very difficult. There were cases where 24-hour time wasn't enough for you, was it? Because as our age progresses, especially during the long middle age, our lives are filled with responsibilities. Sometimes our daily list of work is so long that we feel that we cannot get up. The needs of the house, our own needs, the needs of our family, food, cleaning, garden care, personal care, work, children, parents, relationships, friendships, social environment ... All and more come together and expects from us. Since it won't be possible to do everything in one day, we need to manage our time effectively and efficiently. This gives you both comfort and flexibility, and when you share some work, you don't really need to deal with everything. However, you must obtain help from a calendar to achieve this level of clarity. That's what the 2019 calendar is for. Print your 2019 calendar pdf here and start using it.

    When you sort your to-do list in the calendar, life will look more beautiful and easier to you!

    1. See your free time at first glance

    Sometimes they ask you when you're available, right? Don't waste your mind to know when you're available. When you mark all your busy days on the calendar, the days that are empty will already tell you "I am here". All you have to do is, depending on why you're being asked, to look at your calendar for the appropriate day. Do not try to remember the month, the week, the day, all your work, the needs. This means extra effort and a waste of time. Imagine, someone asks you when it is available and you wait at least 10 minutes! That wouldn't be nice. But isn't that cooler? "Let me check one second, (looks at the calendar) February 12 is great for me, is it suitable for you?" :)

    Just for this coolest answer, the calendar is a very good helper.

    Now, print your 2019 calendar!


    printable calendar can really help you to succeed in numerous ways. If you are a business-oriented person, a printable  blank calendar must be your best friend. For example, if you have a 2019 printable calendar from here, it will help you to plan your whole day carefully and you absolutely will become more productive, flexible and safe. Because, your printable calendar will help you to know what to expect and when to take the necessary actions in advance.

    If you take a look at the benefits of the printable calendars, here is some of them for you:

    Be Multi-Tasking

    In some cases, you need to make multiple decisions that will force you. Having a 2019 blank calendar in your office desk, will help you see the big picture of your whole tasks, targets and deadlines. Sad but true, if you don’t plan your tasks, then you will fail in everything and will be considered as one-task person.

    Be Target-Oriented

    In most businesses, employees have to spend most of their time to reach their goals. Some people can achieve them with ease and some cannot. The only key you need to realize that planning is everything. To schedule everything makes you see your whole way to reach the finish easily. Just divide your target into parts and split each of them for the specific periods, such as weeks or months.  With a printable calendar 2019, you can do this much easier. Thus, you will see, it is not that difficult to achieve the goals. And you will want more!

    Be Consistent

    The secret of following your way without being out there is consistency. If you are working with a calendar, and if you are accustomed to do it, consistency will bring you the success. Because you will accumulate the things you have done, targets you have achieved or some other things you couldn't handle in time. Those will be constituted your personal history. A printable calendar will help you to check your performance about some works if a brand-new project is offered you. Thus, you never take a risk and you will always keep your promises because you are able to know the limits of your performance well. 

    2019 Calendar Templates

    2019 Calendar PDF

    We merged 4 templates in a single PDF file. Just click on the link below to download now.


    2019 calendar with holidays will help you to know all the days off and so you can easily plan your this times to do something except for going to work! Here is the US federal holidays of 2019.

    Date Day Holiday
    01 January 2019 Tuesday New Year's Day
    21 January 2019 Monday Martin Luther King Day
    02 February 2019 Saturday Groundhogs Day
    14 February 2019 Thursday Valentine's Day
    18 February 2019 Monday President's Day
    17 March 2019 Sunday St. Patrick's Day
    21 April 2019 Sunday Easter
    22 April 2019 Monday Earth Day
    05 May 2019 Sunday Cinco de Mayo
    12 May 2019 Sunday Mother's Day
    27 May 2019 Monday Memorial Day
    14 June 2019 Friday Flag Day
    16 June 2019 Sunday Father's Day
    04 July 2019 Thursday Independence Day
    02 September 2019 Monday Labor Day
    14 October 2019 Monday Columbus Day
    31 October 2019 Thursday Halloween
    11 November 2019 Monday Veterans Day
    28 November 2019 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
    29 November 2019 Friday Black Friday
    02 December 2019 Monday Cyber Monday
    25 December 2019 Wednesday Christmas Day